Delicious Sweets 
Sunday, April 7, 2024, 08:49 - Dumps, 2024
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Over time, quite a handful of people have complained that there were an evident drought of new dumps. We would argue that even the toughest ecosystems keep some form of balance, even the desert. Last time, we did some of our magic to cool the heat with a ceremonial dance. However, letting things happen naturally works too: as you were reading this paragraph, a breeze has started to blow. And if we truly are in the desert, you would not want it to turn into a... whooooosh

Desert Storm: Nightmare Snaps Soulcover

Desert Storm is Waixing's "other" Contra clone, the other having been 超級戰魂 - Super Contra 7. This game was already seen, in modified form, on some plug-and-play consoles, as well as Waixing's 120-in-1 multicart. This, however, is the original version, with a nonsensical "Nightmare Snaps Soul" subtitles, a very early variant of Waixing's "milky way" logo, and (odd-looking) swastikas in the first level.

上海大亨 (Shanghai Tycoon) – cover

This board game was previously available only as a mapper 15 hack and as a mapper 176 re-release from the mid-2000s. We now present the original mapper version. The re-release added a subtitle, 大富翁 II, which makes it a sequel to a different Waixing board game that was actually released later than Shanghai Tycoon; this original version of course does not have that subtitle.

(SPC010) Golden Card 5 in onecover

(SPC011) Super-Choice 5-in-1cover

Realtec cherished their internal development studio quite a lot. So much that their games were commonly featured in separate product lines, different from the junk generic compilations Realtec was putting out daily. The SPC series is one of them, ranging from SPC001 to SPC011*. The LIBG squad presents the two highest known entries in the series; and they have their share of SuperGame titles.

*There may be a few outliers, a SPC550 featuring Pocohontas 2 is known to exist.

TCL 足球游戏cover

In the early 2000s, TCL Electronics of China figured out that Famiclones were the ultimate mean to become a global market leader in electronics appliance. They went ahead and produced TVs with embedded Famicom hardware, educational sets, and other 8-bit nifties. To get to speed, TCL partnered with 燕城 (Yànchéng). The outcome of this union was three unique games, and multicarts sold in Yancheng cartridge shells. Most long time divers in the BootlegGames sea are oblivious to Wang Pai Hai Zhan (Sea Battle), the first preserved TCL-Yansheng title. No one asked for it, and yet we shall deliver you a new one on this special day. Do not get your hopes up, this one is just an advanced, and bizarre, hack of J-League Winning Soccer.

通天霸 VGECcover

If you found the Game Genie code format unintuitive and eventually prone to errors, let us present you a Game Genie ROM with scrambling! The Tongtianba VGEC is a Codemasters-Galoob Game Genie clone, it just has all of the letters shuffled or changed altogether.
This came with a booklet listing codes for many of the more popular games. The list is essentially Galoob's compilation retailed in the US, but translated to Chinese. They did go through the trouble to add a handful of unique cheats for 1990/1991 Tank and... Magic Jewelry 2, out of all games... but we can't figure out what these code seem to do with a genuine Magic Jewelry II print. Eh?!

To use the VGEC in NintendulatorNRS, place the TONGTIAN.BIN file into the BIOS subdirectory under the directory in which NintendulatorNRS.exe resides, and select Game->Machine/Plug-through Device->通天霸 VGEC from the menu.

Lastly, we anticipatd your future needs for more codes. We made a small web-app to scramble convert your favorite Game Genie codes to the Tongtianba format.

風雲 - Traitor Legend – gallery (box, insert, cartridge)

Another case of us presenting the original version's ROM file where previously, only two re-releases from the mid-2000s -- both using mapper 176, although often found set incorrectly to mapper 195 -- had been available. The PCM drums consist of garbage data on real hardware as well.

Sistema Cybercover

Belsonic (Macro Winners), and (or?) related companies, produced an uncountable quantity of very similar educational cartridges. A handful from the same origin are however absolutely wild and different from the rest. This is one of the most polished we have found so far. Out with the Duck and Clay shooting and welcome interactive storytelling and more! Looks like we now know where Sony got inspiration for their QTE games.

小状元 A1.0cover

In 2020, we stumbled on an obscure "小状元数学 (B1.0版)" cartridge that contained games from an unheard of developer. As usual, one find a lone bug, one lift a rock, and then find a plethora of bugs. In 2021 we located a compilation, "A+B". Eventually, with some wandering, we managed to locate the stand-alone A version to complete this exciting and brain-stimulating series. The technicalities? It is still manufactured and produced by 先达电子公司 (Xianda Electronics) and 宏图发展公司 (Hongtu Development Company) respectively. The developer is connected to Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong in one way or the other, as they share a font.

Sanguo Fengyun (KT-1017) – cover

A Jncota re-release of Mars Sangokushi 2 Dai, which is a reprogrammed version of Namco's Sangokushi II. Exciting.

KEDA 2000cover

This is an unholy mess. A Family Basic english translation, in a C&E shell, with a cover reading "Candy Drawing 2". The only Hijet title developed by C&E was a better fit for that sticker. Conversely, a "Hu" card for the Dino game made little to no sense. May this be a really unfortunate factory screw up? Beside that, this is just another Family Basic variant that was originally sold in Mainland China.
Keda Industry (深圳市宝安科达实业有限公司) was a prominent keyboard Famiclone manufacturer in the country. They produced plenty like the KEDA-486, or the 986II代 TV. One of the common bundled software with their clone was evidently Family Basic. It not exactly clear how and why C&E and HiTex chose that particularly Family Basic variant, but they did.
Special thanks to rocklee from GA for lending us this historical curiosity.

22-in-1 超級力作 九四新卡 動作劇烈 節目精彩

This rare NTDEC multicart is interesting for including the game Time Lord, a game otherwise rarely seen on multicarts.

(恒格 18001) Super Game 4-in-1
(恒格 18003) Super Game 4-in-1
(恒格 18007) Super Game 4-in-1
(恒格 18010) Super Game 4-in-1
(恒格 28016) Super Game 4-in-1

Chinese favorite Henggedianzi not only pirated Waixing's original games but released a number of unremarkable multicarts of their own as well.

You may obtain all that refreshing beverage here. Furthermore, you should update to the latest release of NintendulatorNRS (binary and source), available in the main sidebar.

All due credits to Dusan and NewRisingSun. And a special thanks to the community for making us aware about Desert Storm.

Project Plug-and-Play: End-of-year Housecleaning! 
Sunday, December 31, 2023, 06:04 - 2023, Project Plug-and-Play
Posted by NewRisingSun
Another update so soon, after the last one took three years? This is basically a maintenance update, fixing a few misplaced ROM files, removing "fake" hacks that did not actually appear on any plug-and-play console, and adding a few that had been previously omitted.

You might get excited about a few new advanced hacks (mostly) by Inventor, however, that unlike Dada and Bitha are quite rare to find.

Also notable are three light gun game hacks from Waixing.

Also added are one missing extract each from DGUN-2500 (Tennis from Nanjing) and the Intellivision X2 (Buzz Bombers).

Credits this time go to blootooth and forgotusername for suggestions and sleuthing through the archive to spot errors and omissions. Three pairs of eyes are better than one, after all.

Download the new archive here. No new NintendulatorNRS build this time. As usual, refer to the WHATSNEW.TXT file for a complete list of changes since the last release, and LIST.TXT to search for any particular title in the archive. Happy New Year!

Project Plug-and-Play: Back for More 
Saturday, December 23, 2023, 06:45 - 2023, Project Plug-and-Play
Posted by NewRisingSun
Three years after the last release, enough new material has accumulated to warrant a new version of Project Plug-and-Play.

Last time, we introduced half of the games of the Intellivision X2 console, containing NES ports of Intellivision games that were not made by Nice Code Software. Thanks to a redump of the console's ROM, the other half of the games can now be played as well. So enjoy, if you will, two-player editions of Beach Volleyball, Baseball, Football, Frog Bog and Maze Shoot.

The GameZone II plug-and-play console has since been dumped as well, featuring (among other things) entirely original (meaning, different from Jungletac's) ports of the arcade games Asteroids, Frogger, Missile Command, Moon Cresta and Scramble. These ports are not very good; but if you wanted good games, you would not be here.

TimeTop's VT03-based consoles have been dumped for a long time; but so far, nobody has been able to extract their individual games. The reason is that they do not use the regular OneBus method of selecting individual games via the VTxx' outer bank registers; instead, they use a highly customized means of asset management. Our extracts are not true extracts, either, because they include the entire multicart that has only been modified to boot directly into the individual games. But these will have to do until TimeTop's asset management has been fully understood and a true extractor, which will have to be a fully-fledged re-packager, can be written. As usual, TimeTop's games are extremely derivative, replicating game ideas, music and graphics from many other games. Stone Age is effectively a port of a Flintstones game on the Mega Drive/Genesis and uses the music from Waixing's Zelda III NES port at its title screen.

Apart from a few more Cube Tech VT369 games and the usual assortment of replacements of copyright-less ROMs, two original game versions of note deserve mention. First is Pikachu 5, the original Pokémon-themed version of dreamGEAR favorite Wonder Rabbit/Gardman/Diveman, which happened to be included on the NX-85 game console. Second, the complete version of Nice Code's Olympic, extracts of which have graced many a plug-and-play console in various hacks, and which previously was thought to be a series of elaborate hacks from Inventor of Konami's Track & Field.

Credits go to krzysiobal for dumping the Intellivision X2, forgotusername for identifying and extracting unused Cube Tech games and copyright-bearing game versions, and MAME's dumpers for assorted PnP console ROM images.

Download the new archive here, and be sure to grab a recent build of NintendulatorNRS from the left-hand panel of this blog while you're at it. Refer to the WHATSNEW.TXT file for a complete list of changes since the last release, and LIST.TXT to search for any particular title in the archive. Merry Christmas!

Ancient Extraterrestrial Technology Dump Dance 
Friday, February 17, 2023, 10:32 - Dumps, 2023
Posted by Consolethinks
It's been a long time since we last amused you with a classic rain dance of rare ROM dumps. Rare Extraterrestial Technology just does not lie on the sidewalk however, so it took us blood, sweat, and tears, or at least time, money and effort, to bring you today's cavalcade of far-Eastern 8-bit goodness.

地球戦士: 快乐比奇 (Dìqiú Zhànshì: Kuàilè Bǐqí) – Cartridge cover: [1], [2] (sunfaded)

Happy Biqi is probably the least-known Famicom backport of Earthworm Jim, but certainly not the least enjoyable. Developed in 1996 by Waixing Technology as one of their earliest games, you have seen a re-release dump of this game before as well, having both an updated title screen and a boring static Waixing logo. We now present the original print with the walking marsman mascot. Also pay attention to its unique design on the game cover! This original version had made the rounds on-line for some time, but was unusable due a lack of essential CHR data. Our copy was defective as well, but was miraculously restored by Krzysiobal from its corrosion-prone circuit board.

新包青天 II (武鬥篇) - Super Justice King (Xīn Bāoqīngtiān II - Wǔdòu Piān) – Cartridge cover

The name "Impartial Judge" will sound familiar to all bootleg game aficionados for being included among Waixing's pack of downloadable NES games from Subor's (now-defunct) iStudy labyrinth of a website. Its original version, with a Chinese title screen, goes back to 1996 however, and may have been inspired by Kasheng's more well-known game about Justice Pao (包青天). Both games are clearly based on a popular mid-1990s Taiwanese historical drama series and even include Famicom arrangements of the series' theme song. While Kasheng's game is an original platformer, Waixing chose to re-use the engine from "Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2" and hack that title into a Justice-Pao-themed one-on-one fighting game. The cartridge is surprisingly difficult to find, in part because its cover resembles re-releases of Kasheng's game (original release, Realtec's B-K6, Kasheng reprint NT-679, Thai release).

三國志꞉ 英杰傳 - Hero Legend (Sānguózhì꞉ Yīngjiézhuán)

A later version of Waixing's Chinese translation of Capcom's first "Destiny of an Emperor" RPG.

勇者斗恶龙 - Dragon Quest IV (Yongzhe Dòu Èlóng)

Our re-dump of Waixing's Chinese translation of the Enix' first Dragon Quest game differs from the existing dump in exactly one byte, so we of course tripped over ourselves to bring it to you.

战国风会 (Zhànguó Fēnghuì)

Apirated edition of Waixing's Chinese translation of Square's Hanjuku Hero, likely from 振华 (Zhènhuá). It amusingly shows a graphic from the title screen of the completely unrelated game Castle of Dragon/Dragon Unit.

金庸群侠传 (Jīnyōng Qúnxiázhuán)

It's just the Fuzhou Coolboy re-release of Waixing's 英烈群侠传 (Yīngliè Qúnxiázhuán) original RPG.

汤姆寻宝记 (Tāngmǔ Xúnbǎojì)

Fuzhou Coolboy release of Waixing's Chinese translation of Square's Tom Sawyer RPG.

絶代英雄 (Juédài Yīngxióng)

超级 大战略 (Chāojí Dàzhànlüè)

Earlier versions than previously available of Waixing's Chinese translation of Bandai's SD Gachapon Senshi 3 strategy game (here without the "Unrivalled Hero" tagline), and of Bothtec's Daisenryaku.

轩转剑四: 御猫傳奇 (Xuānzhuǎn Jiànsì: Yùmāo Chuánqí)

Henggedianzi's pirate edition of Waixing's original game 三侠五义: 御猫傳奇 (Sānxiá Wǔyì: Yùmāo Chuánqí).

777 幸運輪盤 (777 Xìngyùn Lúnpán, SA-004)

You know this game as 777 Lucky Bingo with an English title screen. But here, we present the original Chinese-titled version of this simple slots game, developed around the time Joy Van was being merged into Sachen. While many of their employees left to form Idea-Tek, Hummer Cheng stayed on a little longer to program and compose music for a few more games, like this one.

NTDEC 4-in-1Cartridge covers: Taiwan, Int v1, Int v2
NTDEC 31-in-1

HQ 高品質合卡 15-in-1

NTDEC's early multicarts have a special place in our heart, and deserve to be presented separately from the others.

(SPC007) 6-in-1

Another rare member of Suger Softec's line of multicarts that include original unhacked versions of their acclaimed NES backports.

(Techline XB-F860) 9-in-1

Among the many multicarts, this one stands out for including Inventor hacks of some larger NES titles, featuring some highly disturbing artwork in some of the games, such as Ares.

Educational Computer 16-in-1
Educational Computer 2000 48-in-1 (Spanish)
Family FRK_I
GameStar Smart Genius Education Computer 100 Function

Who does not love Famiclone educational computer cartridges? We certainly do. "GameStar Smart Genius Education Computer 100 Function" has an embedded 64-in-1 multicart (complete with "farting" menu music) that we present as a separate multicart ROM as well.

(Keybyte) 13-in-1
(Keybyte) 1989 鑽石組合 30合1+實戰麻將 超級卡匣
(Keybyte) 20-in-1
(CS-280) Console TV Cartridge - Super 7-in-1
超強合卡 191 黄金組合
(山鼎) 8-in-1

The best of the rest: multicarts that are distinct from the "rest of the pack" for having nice-looking menu screens. The last one gives strong Punch Sprite vibes.

(108-01) 9999-in-1
(1682) 強捧 16-in-1
(EW-602) 1996 Super HiK Gold Card 6-in-1
(FK-7075) Super 4-in-1
(K202) Super 2-in-1
(KD-105C PCB) 19-in-1
(KD-105C PCB) 19-in-1 [fix Magic Jewelry music]
(PW-08) 2-in-1 Superstar Edition
(Realtec JY-040) 法寶 82-in-1
(Techline JY-8925) Super 3-in-1
(Techline XB-A010207) 4-in-1
(VT-2023A) Super 1998
(YH-458) 1998 New 4-in-1
(卡聖 VQ-168) 天龍八強
(山鼎) 31-in-1
1992 Super 24-in-1 II Game
92 劃面選關 310-in-1 王牌老四強
92 高K超強金卡 288-in-1 畫面選關
Panda Adventure 8-in-1
PikáGame - to have a Good time for family! 76-in-1
Street Fighter III 40-in-1 - Games Screen Selectable
Super 32 TV Game Cartridge
Super 34 TV Game Cartridge
Super 66 TV Game Cartridge

The rest of the rest: multicarts with boring text-only menu screens. We won't waste space by showing them all.

...Is this what it is like to be a UFO researcher?

The fruits of our efforts may be downloaded here. Additionally, you must grab the latest release of NintendulatorNRS (binary and source), available in the main sidebar.

All due credits to Dušan, Krzysiobal, ggdjr and NewRisingSun.

E3 - Endless Educational Entertainment 
Friday, December 31, 2021, 02:47 - Dumps, 2021
Posted by Consolethinks
This year, no one was able to dress as Santa and deliver your yearly ROM gifts. But we did not want to dismiss the year 2021 without another dose of previously-undumped Chinese educational computer cartridges and multicarts. We know you definitely can't retain yourself from extensively playing those.

超級五筆漢字卡 8-in-1 (鸿达)

This early Hongda educational computer cartridge is unique in many ways.
First, it requires a keyboard whose protocol matches the original Family BASIC keyboard; most educational computer cartridges require Subor-type keyboards instead.
Does this mean that it predates the Subor keyboard famiclones? We don't know.
If so, that would make the rather run-of-the-mill selection of editor, typing mini-games and Family-BASIC-ripped programs the first of its kind.

小学语文数学智力游戏 趣味教学卡 - 小状元

Last year, we released the ROM image file of a 7-in-1 educational computer cartridge from Hongtu that was labelled "B version", speculating that there might be an A version with a different
set of games. We have not found the original "A version" yet, but this 16-in-1 here has all seven games from last year's "B version" plus what we deem to be the nine games from that "A version".

家庭电脑教学键盘 - Family Competer Keyboard

A bootleg version of the original Family BASIC, complete with what must be considered either an embarassing spelling error or a subtle joke (Family Competer).
This cartridge was commonly bundled with a New Star branded console bundled with the DB15-rewired Intellivison keyboard. Yes, you read that right: a company converted and sold leftover Intellivison keyboards to be compatible with the Famicom. This oddity in the already bizarre Famicom life in China appears to be one of the first attempt to sell an educational game with a keyboard in the country.

Sachen Superpack (versions A-C)

Around 1999-2000, Sachen released some famiclone consoles of their own that included their old games as built-in multicarts, namely the Super Mega Joy (version A) and Super Magic Joy (version C).
The ROM data of version C turned out to just be the ROM data of version A and version B tacked after each other, allowing us to provide version B despite not having (or knowing) the particular
console that had version B inside. Suspiciously, the multicart circuit board matches that of Tetris Family 19-in-1. In terms of games, these are all titles you have seen before, with the exception of
Pyramid, which has been changed into Mr. Stone, and which we have provided in extracted form. The copyright year also reads 1999, which hints the release date of these consoles.

帝释天 (Dì shì tiān)

无名传说 (Wúmíng chuánshuō)

Name-changed versions of an original Waixing game (魔神法师 - Demogorgon Monk) and of Waixing's translation of Hanjuku Hero.
The SMD133 writes in the games' initialization code to set up the ASIC for MMC3 compatibility mode strongly suggest that these were made by the notorious Hengge Dianzi.

Sonic REC-9388

This must be Dongda's first attempt at entering the Russian educational computer market, though they did release the more well-known PEC-586 in that country later.
This ROM file consists of the built-in ROM of that computer plus both of the small expansion cartridges, with "Logo" in the no. 2 slot, and the "PB" card in the no. 3 slot.
Once selecting the no. 3 slot, you must soft-reset to advance from the title screen to the actual sub-menu, then use the numeric keypad to move the selection before pressing "C" to select.
"Music and Drawing" is not functional at this point, as the ROM data for that part is encrypted and the encryption pattern not understood at this time. "Education with tape" seems to load
data from additional cassette tapes that we do not have.

超级学习卡 - Golden Key - 金钥匙

Another mysterious educational computer cartridge from another mysterious manufacturer named Shenzhen Guangda (光达). This one assumes yet another keyboard protocol that is somewhat similar to the Dongda PEC-586 keyboard, but with a different assignment of the keys that we have not quite figured out yet, so don't be disappointed that your key presses do not accomplish anything. We have no idea what kind of computer this was made for.

18-in-1 (DEX DX-011D)

This is the built-in ROM of the DEX DX-011D VT02 famiclone available in Thailand.
A rather unremarkable collection of Inventor hacks.

1993 Super HiK 6-in-1 - 街霸系列出撃! (B-010)
1500-in-1 (ET-187)
1995年超値系列 HiK 4-in-1 (EW-014)
1993 Super HIK 4-in-1 新卡 256K 組合系列 (F-034)
Super 4-in-1 (GameStar No. 41)
1996 Super HiK Gold Card 2-in-1 (GS-01)
500-in-1 (HH-xxx)
王牌系列 Super HiK 42-in-1 (K-42001)
12-in-1 (Liko)
Super Game 143-in-1 (HKMK-143)
117-in-1 (M3H12 PCB)
Super 3-in-1 (NT-933)
100000-in-1 (NTDEC)
Golden 8-in-1 (NTDEC)
Super 4-in-1 (ST-401)
4-in-1 (T-4010)
Super 4-in-1 (Techline A0010100)
9-in-1 (Techline A010207)
Super 4-in-1 (Techline)
2000 Super Aladdin (VT-104)
Super Game 3-in-1 (YH-3125)
Exciting Sport Turbo 4-in-1 (YH-4131)
Exciting Sport Turbo 4-in-1 (YH-4135)
Exciting Sport Turbo 4-in-1 (YH-4136)
Super 1998 3-in-1 (卡聖 VT-835)
1994 超值金卡 画面选关 8-in-1 (小霸王 0801)
1992 突破 劃面選關 190-in-1
1992 蓋世 190-in-1 劃面選關
1992 超値高K金卡 110-in-1
1992 超级天王卡新 150-in-1 棋王版
1993 New 860-in-1 Over-Valued Golden Version Games
1994 Super 9999-in-1 超級強卡 超越羣倫
92年超高K 黄金卡 35-in-1 刺激大驚險旅風侠
'93 世界冠軍卡超値享受
Game 500-in-1
Home Video Game 3500 Built-in Games
PAL Home Computer 3600
YH 78-in-1 Super Game

The rest of today's releases are the usual merry band of multicarts, most of which with boring text-only menus; we only show screenshots of those that offer at least something for the eye.
Game 500-in-1's #110 Bar Games is reported to be glitchy even on original hardware. 9000000-in-1 requires you to awkwardly select a game by entering its number.

Download the ROM archive here.

Credits to Dušan, ggdjr and krzysiobal for dumping some of the ROM files.

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